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Last year I wrote a guide to web analytics that discussed various types of tracking solutions such as [Google Analytics](http://www.google.com/analytics/) which has caused many people to ask me about solutions other than Google. I personally am a big fan of Google Analytics, but if you don’t want to use them for some reason or are looking for more advanced reporting, Engine Ready is a great solution at a cheap price. Here is why I like it:
A lot of analytics have great visualizations but Engine Ready has some pretty interesting ones such as the one below.
visitors graph
The graph above compares the number of first time as well as returning visitors and then compares it with sales figures. There isn’t too much data here, but with more data useful trends would probably appear.
Path Analysis
A good way to fine tune your site for conversion is to analyze how visitors navigate through your website. Some analytics show this in a text format while others like Engine Ready show it in a visual format.
visitors path
The image above shows how visitors navigate through this ecommerce based website. With the use of colors as well as percentages it paints a clear picture on how visitors navigate.
Basic Stats
Just like all the other analytics you can also get basic stats. From analyzing search engine visitors to comparing data Engine Ready has all the basics covered plus more.
If you are not a fan of Google Analytics you may want to try out Engine Ready or a few of these solutions:
* [Mint](http://www.haveamint.com/)
* [ClickTracks](http://www.clicktracks.com/)
* [StatCounter](http://www.statcounter.com/)
* [HitBox](http://www.websidestory.com/products/web-analytics/hitbox-professional/overview.html)
Anyone know of other cheap web analytics or visitor tracking solutions?

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