Easily Set up an SEO Training Course

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Easily Set up an SEO Training Course

When training personnel to handle the search engine optimization of important business websites, there is a seemingly endless array of information to present and outline; search engine optimization is a complicated task that requires in-depth training.

If you are responsible for training people in the art of SEO, try to create trainings using online software suite from ProProfs to get the job done. This simple but extensive offering allows you to build custom training programs, complete with a comprehension quiz, in order to be sure that your blossoming SEO specialist understands each and every facet of their position.


Step 1: Plan Your SEO Training Course

Begin by taking the time to decide what aspects of SEO you want your training course to focus on, if not all of them. ProProfs allows you to utilize unlimited chapters and pages as you need them, so your training course can be as quick and simple or as thorough and extensive as you need it to be. Break down your course into smaller topics and create a chapter to focus on each, making the information presented easily digestible.

If you’d like to be able to quickly deploy your ideas into a testable format, create your outlines and record your thoughts directly in Training Maker; a single click of a button will let you switch to a trainee view, allowing you to see exactly what your budding SEO specialists will see when they take your SEO training course.

Step 2: Build Your SEO Training Course

Now, this is the fun part: utilize the extensive but easy-to-use tools offered by the ProProfs Training Maker suite to put your ideas into a form that makes it easy for your trainees to follow and understand. With a full-featured rich text editor, you can create articles on the fly or paste in pre-written text without the fear of losing special formatting.

Step 3: Add Documents & Media

With search engine optimization being a strictly online activity, pre-made resources relating to it are typically found in digital form. This is another area where ProProfs shines, with the Training Maker suite allowing you to instantly create pages based on media uploads, all taking place through the same simple interface. Whether you’ve got instructional videos, PowerPoint presentations, images, infographics or document files, including those in PDF format, you can easily make these resources a part of your SEO training course.

Step 4: Create Your SEO Comprehension Quiz

Nothing speaks to understanding like test results! The Quiz Maker utility included with the ProProfs Training Maker suite gives you the ability to build and deploy a completely custom quiz to test your trainees’ comprehension. Utilize question formats that include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, essay-style and more to ensure that your SEO trainees understand everything that you’ve included in your training course.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Well-Trained SEO Specialist

With your not-so-hard work completed, enjoy the benefits that come when well-trained SEO specialists are serving your business! Given the peace of mind offered by your confidence in the material you’ve presented and the passing quiz statistics that you can check and monitor at any time, you can happily have your trainees to perform their duties while you focus on working to move toward your next fantastic new hiring.

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