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Blogging is becoming more popular and more mainstream. As a result, there is a ton of opportunity to enter the fray and leverage it for one reason or another. New social mediums are emerging in response to the increasing popularity of blogging and the key to blowing up your blog (company, personal etc.) is to figure out how to use these social mediums effectively. Sites such as digg,, blinklist, reddit, and Ma.gnolia are all great ways to get information across to mass amounts of people and by understanding how they work you can do a few things that will dramatically increase traffic to your blog. For example, getting on the homepage of can result in a phenomenal number of visitors to your page. also has some key opportunities if you are able to get on the “popular” page with them. Overall, even a rudimentary use of these mediums can boost traffic to your blog however if you are able to shine on them you will see some pretty remarkable numbers.
Here are some ways to get started:
###Manual Submission
One of the most straightforward ways you can leverage these mediums is by submitting your blog entries directly/manually. It will instantly increase your sites visibility and traffic. One thing to keep in mind is that you may only want to submit blog entries that will interest the specific audience that it is geared towards. For example, if you are looking to submit one of your blog entries to digg, you would want to make sure it is tech related. Other types of post usually don’t perform too well on digg because digg is only supposed to contain tech-related information.
###Reader Submission
Your blog may have anywhere from a few daily readers all the way up to thousands. If your readers spread the word about your blog it would be that much more effective. It is a numbers game and the more people that submit your blog entries, the more eyeballs you will receive from that particular medium. The key here is to make it really easy for your readers to submit your blog entries. There are two main ways you can do this, the first would be through your blog and the second would be through your RSS feed.

By placing small icons for each main medium at the bottom of your blog, readers can easily click on a source and submit your entry.
RSS Feed

A lot of your readers may subscribe to your RSS feed but rarely actually go to you blog to read your content. By placing links to these mediums within your RSS, people can add your entry to these mediums with ease.
Although this seems like a simple thing to do, these things can be very effective for increasing traffic to your blog. It will help get fresh eyeballs onto your blog regularly and increase your readership. This change can be done with some ease if you use FeedBurner. FeedBurner has options which can place links to these mediums within your RSS feed and blog. Give it try, you don’t have much to lose.

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