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Do you hear what your customers are telling you? Listening to the feedback from your users is important; the feedback that they can provide can prove invaluable to improving your business. It’s the real people that are actually using your products/services that are able to provide the best feedback. Your product, service or website directly benefits them, since they are the ones that are actually using it. This is especially important when you are launching something new and you do not really know exactly how things are going to go.
Much of this has to do with keeping your ear to the ground and making sure you’re listening to them. Again, this all goes back to tracking your buzz. Tracking your buzz isn’t always about just watching for the negative. Among other things it’s important to watch for the suggestions and feedback as well.
Don’t just limit this to tracking your buzz either. If you have a company blog don’t be afraid to ask your users for feedback, and always pay close attention to what they are saying in the comments. You should also include things like a feedback page on your site too, or at the very least make your contact information easy to find and make sure you make it friendly and easy for people to contact you.
Remember your current customers, even while you are pursuing for new ones, this includes the early adopters because they have been with you from the beginning. Again, this is not just about what the influencers have to say either. The influencers are important because their opinion can weigh heavily on a lot of people, but many times influencers are blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, etc. These are places where people go to find news and they are usually not the real users of your product/service. It is important to work on keeping your users happy and not just keeping the big name bloggers happy, so make sure your ears are pointed in the right direction, or you’ll miss out on valuable feedback.

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