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ADVERTISEMENT is a site that facilitates philanthropists in providing students with resources that the public schooling system would otherwise lack. In a break from our general scope of coverage, we encourage you to take a moment and do something to fund someone’s future today.
The site is a not-for-profit medium that through which teachers submit proposals for projects, materials, and so on, and citizen philanthropists can help make these goals a reality.

Proposals range from “Magical Math Centers” ($200) to “Big Book Bonanza” ($320), to “Cooking Across the Curriculum” ($1,100). Any individual can search such proposals by areas of interest, learn about classroom needs, and choose to fund the project(s) they find most compelling. In completing a project, donors receive a feedback package of student photos and thank-you notes, and a teacher impact letter. is a part of a larger campaign for ubiquitous education called LitLiberation. There is also a Pronet Advertising page with an initial donation of $1,000 and a goal of $10,000. Help do something good today!

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