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Sometimes it takes a beating to learn a lesson. Dell took a brutal
earlier this week when they launched their new blog, one2one, and it looks like they had some sense knocked into them.
I agree with others that Dell had no excuse for the poor launch of their blog. A company with the resources that Dell has coming into the game this late has no excuses for screwing up to that magnitude. There’s no doubt they’ve had plenty of time to assess the situation. Some people are putting the blame on big ad agencies…

They could have consulted the top bloggers on the planet,
the top social media marketing strategists, the very smartest new media innovators.

But they turned instead to their giant ad agencies, who have not got a
clue about the social media landscape, despite ample rhetoric…

…Turning to ad agencies, as Ford and Dell have done, is the wrong way to go.

That’s an interesting point. Can we really blame traditional advertising companies for these flops? I say yes. I think it’s fair to say that the majority of ad execs don’t quite “get it”, whatever it is. Given the choice between consulting with top bloggers and new media innovators vs. giant ad agencies I’d give my money to the former every time. They’re the ones with their feet wet, they understand the game and what it takes to succeed. They live “it” everyday of their lives.
Back to my original point – Dell is coming around, and that’s a good
thing. They’ve listened to our feedback and they’re implementing it. I
think it’s been a lesson well learned and hopefully they’ll stay on the right track. This is a great opportunity for them to set some great examples.

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