Digg unto others as you would have them Digg unto you

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Over the past few months more and more marketers have been catching on to the whole social media scene because it can do wonders for a business when it comes to anything from marketing a product or service to increasing search engine rankings. Getting on sites like [Digg](http://www.pronetadvertising.com/articles/beginners-guide-to-digg.html) can drastically improve a website’s traffic and link popularity. If you are a marketer trying to get on Digg here are some of the things you should know.
###Self promoters are spammers
A lot of people like submitting their own stories to Digg. Some see nothing wrong with it, while others see it as spam. To increase your chances of getting on the homepage don’t submit your own stories or else other users may mark it as spam.
###Diggers are passionate about hating SEOs
It seems that a lot of marketers like to submit SEO related content or create user ids with the word “SEO” in it. There is nothing wrong with that, but for some reason most Diggers hate SEOs because they feel they are spammers. So instead of trying to get SEO stuff on the Digg homepage, look into what users like and create content related to that. Some of the things that you can talk about and potentially get on Digg’s homepage are stories about Google, Yahoo, click fraud, how-to guides and web related resources and lists.
###Everyone is not your friend
When most people create their account, the first thing they try to do within the first couple days of signing up is add hundreds of friends. Instead of adding hundreds of friends your really don’t know you may want to take it easy and add valuable friends. Here are some qualities that make a valuable friend:
* Someone who is an active Digg submitter. Not those users who submit 100s of stories a day, but the ones that submit quality stories that people like to digg.
* Not everyone likes submitting stories, there are many users who actively digg stories. You can tell who is an active user by the number of stories they digg and the number of stories they add as their “My#1”.
* A valuable friend probably does not digg every story their friends submit just for the hell of it, but instead they digg the stories they like. Watch out for those users who digg hundreds of stories a day.
* In your everyday life you probably have some sort of common interests with your friends, take that same principle when looking for a friend on Digg. If you are into politics, friend other users who are actively participating in the World & Business section on Digg.
###Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Follow the golden rule by not spamming. Don’t you hate those telemarketers calling your home when you’re trying to relax after a hard day’s work? Don’t you hate email and comment spam? Well, so do Digg users. This is why Digg has put precautions in place to stop spammers. When creating and submitting stories to Digg and other social sites, make sure you put the community ahead of yourself and do what’s best for it and not yourself.
The idea of easily “gaming” Digg will not last forever because they will evolve their algorithms over time, just as Google has. Every time a spammy story gets through to the homepage, Digg learns from it, to prevent the same type of stories from reaching the homepage in the future. If you want to get a story popular on Digg, provide value to its users and don’t just think about get rich schemes such as creating Digg rings because they will not last very long. As a [wise man](http://www.neothoughts.com) once told me, “A good story will always make the Digg homepage, no matter who submits it”.

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