Digg Marred by Racism, Sexism

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Digg has purportedly made some strides when it comes to battling spam on the site and in conjunction with that, has unbanned several sites. While the battle against spammers is seeing some success, racism and sexism still prevail.
With Democracy come many rights and freedoms, and among them is the freedom to express your opinion no matter how slanted it might be, as long as it doesn’t infringe on similarly granted freedoms of others. As the socially driven web moves forward on the path towards democratization of online media, it too will have to deal with problems of expression of racism, sexism, and so on.
Have a look at the stories submitted by user inbox news and you will see an unending list of hateful and racist articles, and surprisingly enough most of them have managed to garner in excess of 25 Diggs.

Furthermore, the other problem that has already been covered by multiple sources is that of community endorsed sexism. The fact that someone would submit the story with a title like that is utterly ridiculous to begin with.

You would expect that the Digg community would immediately bury this (that’s what I would have thought), but no, the submission got almost 6,000 Diggs and over 600 comments! Let’s say you aren’t completely appalled by the story that the submission links to, just have a look at the commentary that ensues from the wise masses of Digg.

I am completely with Rathnavibushana on this one.
While we may be gaining ground on the war against spammers, we mustn’t lose sight of these other problems that the democratic web will bring us.

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