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Today [Digg](http://www.digg.com) made a major modification to their algorithm. With [thousands of stories](http://www.digg.com/view/all/upcoming/most) being listed on Digg everyday it seemed like too many mediocre ones were making the front page, so it appears that Digg modified their algorithm (or the algorithm automatically modified itself) for stories to require more diggs before they hit the front page.
Required diggs

In the past month or so stories usually needed anywhere from 20 to 40 diggs before they reached the front page, but now it seems that most stories need 60 if not more diggs to reach the front page. Here are some possibilities on why Digg might have made this change:
* Too many stories were being submitted and [reaching the front page](http://digg.com/archive).
* Too many “[friends](http://diggtheblog.blogspot.com/2006/09/digg-friends.html)” were digging each others diggs.
* The quality of stories hitting the front page was decreasing.
Complexity of the algorithm

The good news is not all categories require 60 diggs before the story hits the homepage. It seems that Digg has taken multiple factors into account such as number of submissions in a category, diggs, and time because certain categories do not need as many diggs before the stories hit the front page. The [sports](http://digg.com/view/sports/upcoming/most) and [entertainment](http://digg.com/view/entertainment/upcoming/most) categories are two of the categories that do not require too many diggs because not too many people digg these types of stories and these categories are also low on submissions.
Hopefully this change makes Digg a better community where great stories flourish and junk never gets close to the front page. I guess time will tell and we will just have to wait a few days if not a few weeks to see if the change improves Digg.

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