Digg Bury Data Further Exposed – Find Out Why That Story Was Buried

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We’ve been inching closer and closer to this inevitability for a long time, and though Digg will probably plug this soon enough, catch it while it’s still hot and still working.
A newly developed service from Adam Lyttle let’s you enter the Digg url for any submitted story and retrieves the total buries and reasons for the buries for your story.
While this doesn’t work for old stories (at least not yet), probably because the data hasn’t been aggregated, the service seems to work great for newly submitted or recently promoted stories.
In addition to inserting your own url, you can also retrieve the data on the last 100 buried stories and the reasons for the buries.
In many ways Adam’s efforts are not much different than our own, and if you would like to show your appreciation for such efforts, please show your support by signing the petition.

Cameron Olthuis

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