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Day before yesterday, Digg launched its new image functionality feature. Although its primary effect on Digg will probably be to silence the countless users that keep complaining about no image section, it also makes some interesting changes to the submission process that are worth mentioning.
Go to submit a story and you will now be greeted by a choice to submit it as news, video, or image:
Once you click “Continue,” Digg will scan your article for all media:
If it’s a news article, you are now given the option to choose a thumbnail with an image from the article, which will be displayed next to the digg submission. This is optional.
The choice of topic is now performed with a neat click menu:
And Digg also scans for duplicates automatically:
Overall, this makes the process of submitting a story lengthier, but it also allows for more customization – the choice of thumbnails and the ability to label the story as an image represent significant changes to how all digg users can view and organize their news on the site. In general, I would say that the process is more user friendly now and appears to be part of an effort by Digg to attract less hardcore users. Time will tell whether or not they are successful but their constantly-growing numbers and their skyrocketing valuation seems to indicate that they’re doing something right.

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

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