Death of the 'Page View' as an Ad Metric

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I’ve discussed numerous times before, how traffic measured in page views can be misleading and how Compete’s Attention Metrics that calculate site popularity and influence based on time spent by visitors, are a much better metric. Now we have what may prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the page view as a viable metric.
While page views have historically been seen as a good way to measure a website’s popularity and therefore are widely used to calculate advertising rates, because of new internet technologies (mostly AJAX) that don’t require users to refresh pages to browse content, the metric is becoming more and more inaccurate and less relevant than it once used to be. The Wall Street Journal reports on remarks by several industry leaders which cast doubt over the future of the page view.
Vivek Shah, president of digital publishing at Time Warner Inc.’s Time Inc. business-and-finance network

Page views as an indicator, or consumption as an indicator, of the vibrancy of the site becomes somewhat obsolete.

Peter Daboll, Yahoo Inc.’s head of global market research

We all need to help to wean the industry off the crutch of familiar metrics in favor of more accurate and representative ones.

With $17 billion at stake, it is immensely important for the online advertisers that an accurate measure be available to them to decide where the money will be best spent. Following Compete’s release of their Attention Metrics platform, one of the major market research firms, Nielsen NetRatings will also be dropping page views in favor of a “time-spent” metric to calculate website popularity. Could this be the beginning of the end for the page view?

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