David Sifry's tips for increasing blog traffic

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More and more people are trying to increase the popularity of their blog. There are multiple reasons on why you might want to make your blog popular, but the question is how you can. David Sifry, the CEO of Technorati, offers some specific insight based on what he has noticed on how you can make your blog more popular.
1. React quickly.
2. Make your posts easy to read.
3. Link, link, link!
4. Optimize for search engines.
5. Post, post, post!
The interesting thing about these tips is that he stresses “quantity”. Many bloggers go after quality instead of quantity and their blogs are not too popular. From all of the blogs that I have over seen, I have noticed that quantity is a key factor. Most of the popular bloggers in the Technorati top 100 post frequently, even if they are not “great” posts. This does not mean that you should post a lot of low quality entries, but you should try to increase your posting frequency, it can only help. For anyone interested in increasing traffic to their blog and also ways to monetize their blog, a great resource to check out is Darren Rowse’s blog, Problogger.
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