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There’s a big shift taking place in the customer service industry, we – the consumers – are taking back control. Recently there’s been a couple of videos released that show just how painful the customer service experience really is. This isn’t anything new, we’ve all experienced it firsthand for ourselves, but now with the power of viral marketing (good or bad) these companies are exposed in a whole new light, and it’s sending a very powerful message.
Will McInnes makes a great point about who’s in control…

So either embrace the new channels, the new ways of sharing information and engage in the dialogue. Or don’t, and instead continue behaving like you’re in control, pretend these online channels don’t matter and risk being exposed, hung drawn and quartered online, in minutes and hours, around the world on those same channels… And then see how great you feel about the control.

The New York Times adds that…

Before the advent of the Web, an encounter with inept
customer service was ours to bear alone, with little recourse or means
to warn others. Now, Mr. Ferrari can swiftly post on the Web a digital
“documentary” that recorded his dismal experience, and news-sniffing
hounds do the rest.
AOL and Comcast executives in charge of customer service may long for
the good old days when they had to deal only with a finite number of
federal regulators and state attorneys general, not a universe of
millions of Web-savvy customers.

With the recent headlines that the AOL and Comcast videos made, I can only imagine that there’s going to be a lot more of these videos that hit the web. Companies are going to have to rethink the way that they treat they customers or they will be hung out to dry.
Customers have a much louder voice, companies need to start listening
and, even more importantly, participating.

Cameron Olthuis

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