Creating a New Link Building Strategy

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Just when you thought that your website is doing okay with your current link building strategy, you noticed that it started slowing down and produces no value at all. Don’t fuss! This form of fluctuation really happens. What you have to do is to rethink your link building strategies.

Change Your Environment

More often than not, you are using the same strategy that has always worked for you since the beginning. However, rethinking your link building efforts with other people won’t hurt your campaign. In fact, working with other link builders will make it easy for you to pinpoint any loopholes on your strategy. It will also be a good idea if you brainstorm in a different place, as it may help you come up with new and fresh ideas.

Deliver a Simple Link Request Email

Email exchange may work best for you before, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll produce the same results now. If your link building efforts are flunking, it’s time to scrutinize your messages. See if you need to trim unnecessary parts of your email to make it simpler and straight to the point. Moreover, you can also call a webmaster, keep in touch with him, and then ask for a link.

Ask for Feedback

It would also be ideal if you ask someone to proofread your message if you want to ask a link request via mail. A friend that’s not part of the industry can help you indicate whether your message is clear or not. That way, you’re sure that you’re sending a comprehensible message to other webmasters.

Check Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Another way to work around your link building strategies is to check your competitors’ backlinks using a backlink checker. Pore over the backlinks’ blog roll, and see if you can find something that you haven’t seen before. You can also execute a link building strategy that you’ve found from your competitor but you haven’t use before. Simply put, do something totally different.


There are many reasons your link building efforts don’t work this time. But it is important that you won’t let this slowdown discourage you. Consider shaking things up, and a revamp might just be the only thing you need to regain your momentum. Just like in any SEO campaigns, link building requires persistence. Instead of whining, it’ll do you better if you analyze your current strategies and think of how you can make it better.


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