Creating a Community of Fanatical Fans with Colin Wright (Video)

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In this month’s episode of Search Engine Journal TV, I catch up with author, entrepreneur, and digital nomad Colin Wright. Colin is a master of extreme lifestlye experiments who allows the readers of his blog to vote what country he should live in every 4 months. Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • Some insights into creating interesting content regardless of your story
  • The Problem with Temporary Attention and Why It’s Not Useful
  • The Role That Relationships Play in Building Your Community
  • A Simple Email Tactic That Will Give You Tons of Insights Into Your Audience
  • Cultivating an Ecosystem That Causes Your Community to Thrive 
  • Some interesting insights into the Importance of SEO in the Future







Srinivas Rao
Srinivas Rao is the host and cofounder of BlogcastFM where he's interviewed over 300 bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Pick up his free guide on How to Repurpose Content for Profit and Fame.
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    It’s nice to see Colin Wright at Search Engine Journal.

    The message of creating social connections and building true relationships is the key to and I’ve personally started to experience a massive increase in my web rankings and traffic by building connection the way Colin was bring up.

    Writing back to all the signups and asking a question 99% of the time opened new loyal reader and fan who would go and share our content.

    Thanks for the great interview Srinivas.

    • Srinivas


      Colin is really somebody who understands community. I knew he wold have some really great pearls of wisdom for SEJ. That’s why I asked him mto be my guest for this month. The way I see it a community is about the people who are part of it. The person who leads it is a facilitator of their experience.

  • Charles Crawford

    Hello Srinivas,

    This is such a very interesting post and great interview with Mr. Colin Wright. I actually salute him on his extreme lifestyle experiments and that he allows the readers of his blog to vote what country he should live in every 4 months.

    I have learned something new today. Thanks to this post 🙂 I totally agree with Mr. Colin Wright; “you must not mistreat your audience”. And I really like his idea that in order for him to build a relationship with the people or his audience, he sends them email. I believe that if we really want to increase our web rankings and traffic on our site, we must follow what Colin Wright had said.

    Again, thank you very much for sharing this great post.


    • Srinivas


      His lifestyle experiments are mind blowing. There’s plenty more. That was just the initial one that kicked off his story. I think his insights are really the future of where online content is headed.

  • Rowena

    Building relationships is one of the best things to get a loyal readership. Much like any other great SEO sites out there.

    • Srinivas

      I totally agree. Most of my platform has been built through relationships.

  • Sumit Dass

    This site theme is the all people to learn and information for Social media, so people watch this interview not any problem.

    Thanks for Sharing