Convert Leads a Revolution for Hotel Websites

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WIHP, the leading hotel marketing agency has just announced the launch of its new Convert website building tool with integrated SynXis booking engine, designed to increase visitor conversion rates and reduce booking time by up to 40%.

Convert represents the ultimate solution to a problem that has dogged the hotel industry for years. Up until now, the majority of hotels have simply attempted to weld together standard e-commerce portals with ill-fitting booking portals, resulting in confusing, poorly designed websites that are cumbersome to use.

These problems will be consigned to the scrapheap with the introduction of Convert. Announced at the ITB event in Berlin just last week, Convert integrates the SynXis booking engine seamlessly with any hotel website, creating a fast, fluid booking platform and a unique sales tool for independent hotels that can cut down booking times by an incredible 44%.

A lot of thought went into Convert to create websites that are as hard-hitting as its possible to be, stirring up an emotional reaction within visitors that is designed to sell rooms in a fraction of a second. Convert employs full-screen imagery to create a fully immersive experience of the kind normally only available to those who spend millions of dollars designing their websites. Convert websites can support virtually all platforms, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and table devices.

Vincent Ramelli, President of WIHP, outlined what drove him to create Convert:

“We wanted to give every hotel in the world the most advanced hotel website ever created. From all our experience we have a unique view of what elements generate direct bookings, Convert was created as a booking machine for hotels. It has the smoothest booking process ever made for hotels.”

Hundreds of hours of research and testing went into ensuring that Convert could run at extremely rapid speeds as users browse through the home page, images and galleries. This is a crucial benefit for hotels using Convert, as research from both Microsoft and Google has lent weight to the suggestion that conversion rates correlate directly with website speed. As a result of months of effort, Convert confidently claims to have achieved faster loading speeds than any other hotel website platform available today.

Another key selling point of Convert is its simplicity, with its minimalist design evident throughout the site – simple menus, large icons and very large images ensure that users can navigate the platform with lightning-fast efficiency.

Studies conducted by WIHP indicate that travelers are choosy about their hotel bookings, returning to one site up to four times before making a reservation. This is a clear indication that the majority of hotel websites just don’t answer enough questions, according to Ramelli. For this reason, Convert provides comprehensive, full-screen integration of Google Maps to allow guests to locate nearby attractions, restaurants, shops, and find directions.

Statistics show that the average users spends up to 11 minutes on a booking engine and 14 minutes browsing a hotel’s website before making a booking, due primarily to their confusing nature and sub-par loading speeds. With Convert’s eye-catching imagery, simple navigation and ultra-slick loading speeds, the time spent browsing the website is slashed by more than half.

Many hotels have tried but few have succeeded in integrating their websites with their booking engine in such seamless fashion. Convert does all this and more, successfully fusing the two so well that they become essentially the same thing. Selecting a room and making a reservation has never been so easy.

WIHP are offering Convert on a monthly subscription plan starting at just €750 per month. To learn more about Convert or to purchase a package, visit their website at and start building the ultimate hotel website and booking platform today.

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Ann Smarty

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