ComTranslations Offer Monthly Plans as part of Service Line Expansion

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ComTranslations, the leading international supplier of translation and localization solutions, has announced the addition of new monthly plans in response to its client’s demands for a more flexible service line to meet their globalization needs. Five different options have been unveiled; basic, pro and premier packages are designed to address the needs of small businesses; translation management solutions will cater to enterprise customers; while customized translation management solutions have been developed to meet the needs of larger corporations.

The agency already offers an extensive service portfolio that covers the full repertoire of sworn and professional translation, interpretation, transcription, multi-media and localization solutions. ComTranslations calls on the expertise of 2,000 certified translators to offer its solutions in more than 140 languages.

Carlos Garcia, ComTranslations Manager of Business Development, added this about the new service packages:

“Our goal has always been to provide our client base with a portfolio of services that meets, even exceeds, their needs and expectations. These latest plans reflect the growth of our business, as well as the expanding demands of our clients worldwide. We now offer solutions for businesses of nearly every type and scope of operation.”

ComTranslations offer a full suite of translation services to meet its corporate client’s globalization requirements:

Professional human translation for a range of business needs, such as the accurate translation of company documents, emails, communications and marketing materials.

Sworn translation to ensure the legality of translated documents including certificates, licenses, diplomas, permits, court decisions, law mandates, company registration certificates and letters from lawyers.

Interpretation services to remove language barriers and ensure accurate, reliable communication during meetings, functions and exhibitions.

Transcription of audio content including business educational, medical, legal and media materials.

Localization services to ensure the cultural and linguistic appropriateness of products and services for their target markets.

In order to provide the level of accuracy and transparency that its clients demand, ComTranslations have developed a stringent translation management system known as TrRank, which guarantees consistency throughout all of its translation and localization projects. Clients can be assured of high quality, timely, and comprehensive translations on any project, large or small.

About ComTranslations

Having formed in 2008, ComTranslations has quickly positioned itself at the forefront of international localization and translation providers, with offices in Madrid, New York, Delhi and Hong Kong. The agency can call upon the expertise of more than 2,000 certified professional translators to deliver highly accurate, reliable translation services in over 140 languages, while ensuring the integrity of all its projects through its unique TrRank Translation Management Process, offering a level of consistency that surpasses industry standards.

For a full run down on the services they offer, visit, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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