Choose Your Next Business Book (Interactive Guide)

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With thousands of new business books being published every month, it’s hard to know which title to read next. To help with this I’ve spent the last three months looking at books that cover everything from SEO, to start-ups and psychology. Using my findings and making sure we’d read every book in the Koozai team, I created the below interactive guide to help you find the right book for you.

Think of it as a “Choose your own adventure” for business books.

If I’ve missed any amazing books then please leave your recommendations below and if you can’t find a book you want from this little lot, then perhaps you should consider fiction?

Which Business Book Should You Read?

By Digital Marketing Agency Koozai

Mike Essex

Mike Essex

Online Marketing Manager at Koozai
Mike Essex is the Online Marketing Manager at Koozai, a UK digital marketing agency. He is the published author of three books and has been... Read Full Bio
Mike Essex

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