PPC Trends 2024

Keeping up won’t cut it in the world of PPC. It’s time to get ahead, with insights from 13 industry experts.

PPC Trends is back for its sixth year to show how to leverage the changes we’ve seen in 2023.

We’ve gathered insights from 13 of the top PPC marketing experts who know what’s coming, what you should pay attention to, and what to avoid.

You’ll get insights on:

  • AI in PPC: The potential these new tools offer, along with the limitations that can lead to pitfalls.
  • How to control your budgets and maximize value amidst CPC inflation.
  • The new user engagement channels shaping PPC, and what you should focus on.

New developments are coming fast in the world of AI, along with inflation in CPC budgets, and new shifts in user engagement.

This means it’s a great time to pivot. If you can lean into these changes, and you do it sooner and better, there’s a lot of opportunity.

That’s where we come in.

Whether it’s diving into GA4, seeking audiences on new channels, or pivoting to privacy-focused advertising, our contributors are sharing the ways to effectively move forward next year.

Want to hear more about what we’re covering in this year’s edition? You’ll learn:

  • How to find the balance of generative AI in ads.
  • How to improve the value of the click instead of trying to reduce the cost.
  • The ways holistic strategies & cohesive messaging can win in the “Attention Economy.”

This year’s edition of PPC Trends is a springboard for you to step into new PPC methods in 2024. It might just be the closest thing to being in a brainstorming session with industry experts.

Read expert insights from:

  • Akvile DeFazio, Founder, AKvertise
  • Alex Macura, Founder/CEO, Your Digital Assembly
  • Amalia Fowler, Principal Strategist, Good AF Consulting
  • Amy Hebdon, Founder + Managing Director, Paid Search Magic
  • Andrea Atzori, Director, Ambire
  • Ben Steele, Senior Editor Ebooks, Search Engine Journal
  • Ben Wood, Director of Growth & Innovation, Hallam
  • Corey Morris, President/CEO, Voltage
  • Ginny Marvin, Ads Product Liaison, Google
  • Lauren Weisel, Director of SEM, Media.Monks
  • Lisa Raehsler, Founder and SEM Strategy Consultant, Big Click Co.
  • Navah Hopkins, Evangelist, Optmyzr
  • Tim Jensen, Sr. Search Marketing Specialist, M&T Bank

Get ready for the year ahead. Download your copy of PPC Trends 2024 today!