Catchup – 9/9/06

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* YouTube Hires Yahoo’s CFO

YouTube has taken a step in the serious direction of fortifying its management team and monetization efforts with the recruitment of Gideo Yu, Yahoo’s Treasurer. Yu is now the Chief Financial Officer at YouTube.
* Yahoo! Answers Launches in UK

Yahoo! launched the Yahoo! Answers product in the UK.
* Google Teaching SEO Courses

Google is continuing to expand its reach out to webmasters and lend a bit more transparency to world of SEO with a new agenda in teaching SEO to publishers at universities. Google’s Adam Lasnik will be instructing publishers on ‘Optimizing Your Websites for Google Search’ at Catholic University this month on September 18th.
* MSN Adds Behavioral Targeting to Search

MSN Tuesday began incorporating behavioral targeting features into its paid search program, adCenter. With the new service, advertisers can arrange to have their pay-per-click ads shown to users who MSN has identified as likely purchasers based on their Web-surfing history.
* Google Debuts 200 Year News Archive Search

Google’s new News Archive Search lets you search back over twenty decades worth of historical content, including scads of articles not previously available via the search engine.
* Digg to Change Algorithm to Stem Gaming; Top Digger Quits

Kevin Rose, founder of, announced that the algorithm for ranking top stories on the home page and other category pages will be changing. This notice of an algorithmic change to come to has encouraged the top user, p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 to leave Digg.
* Amazon Launches Unbox Movie Download Service has entered the video on demand download market with its Unbox offering.’s Unbox sells digital video downloads of movies and television shows from over 30 studios and television networks.

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