Catchup – 9/3/06

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* Google Apps for Your Domain

Google has deployed the first pieces of its upcoming Office suite. They’ve launched Google Apps for your Domain, a set of Google services targeted to small and mid sized companies. With the new service, companies can use Gmail, Talk, Calendar and Page Creator under a single control panel. Applications and data will be hosted by Google, for free, with ad support.
* Google and eBay Partner for Click to Call

Google will distribute ads on eBay’s pages outside the US.
* AOL Launches Music Store

AOL unveiled a revamped music product with a Web-based store and subscription service offering audio and video streaming, programmed radio and downloads that can be transferred to compatible digital media players.
* Flickr Adds Geo Tagging

Flickr has added Geo Tagging to their feature set. Geo tagging will enable Flickr users to mark the pictures with geographic specific information, this way people can know where you took that photo. You can also search for photos within a specific location and then refine that search based on a keyword.
* Google to Allow Free Downloads of Books

Google plans to begin letting consumers download and print free of charge classic novels and many other, more obscure books that are in the public domain.
* Windows Live QnA Beta Now Live

Public beta for Windows Live QnA beta is now live.
* YouTube Adds Restricted College-Specific Sharing Areas

YouTube has introduced what seem to be its first exclusive areas requiring a .edu address from a particular college to access a pool of that school’s videos.
* Google Changes Domain Name Search Results

Google has changed their method of serving search results for domain specific queries.

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