Catchup – 9/16/06

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* To Open R&D Center in Germany announced a new Germany research and development center to be headed up by Eric Heymann, former head of technology at Seekport, as director of global content acquisition today. The German R&D center will work closely with the Pisa, Italy, Campbell, Calif., and Piscataway, N.J. locations. Apostolos Gerasoulis, VP of search technology at, said, “the expansion of our European research and development team will allow to continue to develop and scale our world-class search.”
* Yahoo! Local Updates With Tagging & Photos

Yahoo! Local will be making some updates to its local search & mapping offering with new “Collections” and “My Local Dashboard” features that enable its users to save, organize and discover information the way that they choose. The Flickrization of Yahoo is now expanding past normal search, MyWeb and niche channels such as Finance or Travel, and is now establishing its nest in one of Yahoo’s most innovative and human driven services (beyond Yahoo Answers).
* Intuit & Google Announce Major Local Search Marketing Partnership

In a development with potentially sweeping implications for local search and small business online marketing, Intuit has announced a partnership with Google that integrates AdWords campaign management and other Google-related features directly into the workflow of QuickBooks, the company’s bestselling software package for small business.
* MapQuest Audio Directions on Sprint-Nextel Network

MapQuest is launching voice (text to speech) turn-by-turn directions on the Sprint-Nextel network.
* Google Adds Tabs to Personalized Search Homepage

Last night Google has added the ability to add and manage tabs on your personalized home page. At the top of the page, you should see a “Add a tab” link. Clicking on that will enable you to add a tab to your home page, helping you keep your Google home page more organized
* Yahoo Search Default Search Engine on Acer Computers

Yahoo has partnered with Acer, the fourth largest PC manufacturer to set the default search engine to Yahoo Search on those machines. In addition, the default home page for those browsers will be a co-branded page with links to Yahoo services. The terms of this deal were not disclosed, but we know it will be a multi-year partnership.

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