Catchup – 8/25/06

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* [Yahoo Gains Search Market Share](

comScore said that Yahoo!’s search share showed a modest, fractional gain for the second month in a row (but down vs. a year ago). Google, by comparison, showed a single point decline.
* ClickTracks Acuired by J.L. Halsey

ClickTracks web analytics service has been acquired by marketing technology firm J.L. Halsey. J.L. Halsey also owns marketing tools such as Lyris, EmailLabs and Hot Banana.
* Farecast Opens Up More Cities

Farecast, the plane ticket price predictor site, is now live in 55 U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Atlanta.
* Google MP3 Player Powered by GMail

Google has opened up its Google Analytics registrtion program to allow instant access to new users.
* Google WiFi Network Launches in Mountain View

Google evidently has an MP3 Player which publishers can use on their sites which plays MP3 files via the GMail interface, without having to download the MP3 or open an external media player.
* Google Releases Google Base API

Google Base data API, which lets you write applications that dynamically interact with Google Base has launched. You can insert, edit, or delete items programmatically, complementing existing input means like the Google Base front-end or the bulk upload mechanism. You can also query other users’ published content and access their items via the API. This enables you to create domain-specific search applications (or mash-ups) combining Google Base content with other services.
* Facebook and Microsoft Partner in Ad Deal

Microsoft will provide advertising for Facebook, a Web site aimed primarily at college students, over the next three years. The two did not disclose the terms of the deal, in which Microsoft will be the exclusive seller and provider of banner advertising and sponsored links for Facebook.
* Yahoo! Integrates Flickr Into Search Results

Yahoo! Has integrated Flickr images into their search results.
* Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Update Search Results

It appears that all the major search engines have been reported to be updating their indexes in some way. Google is updating back links at some of the Google data centers. Yahoo has been recently reported to have updated its algorithm or index, although there is no official word from Yahoo on this as of yet. And MSN Search has confirmed that an update has occurred to their index recently.
* Windows Live Video Beta Now Available

Windows is working on some interesting new features in their beta search service, most notably video search. It’s not on the front page yet, but on the section of the site ironically missing the word beta on its logo.

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