Catchup – 8/18/06

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* Google to Build Data Center in India

Internet search giant Google is reportedly planning to set up a server farm in India. This would be the second attempt by the Mountain View, California-based company, after infrastructure-related problems forced it to cancel an earlier plan which was scheduled for March this year. The company went on to set up that server farm in Taiwan.
* Google to Allow Pornographic Movies in Google Video?

Google has recently removed the term “pornographic” from the restrictions on uploading videos. It is now just a restriction on “obscene” material, with an added categorization for “mature and adult” content.
* Google Maps Adds Merchant Coupons

Google Maps has added a new way for local merchants to attract more customers to their storefronts and track those customer sales via a new breath taking step in local search technology; coupons.
* Google Analytics Offering Instant Access

Google has opened up its Google Analytics registrtion program to allow instant access to new users.
* Google WiFi Network Launches in Mountain View

After one year of planning and testing, Google has opened GoogleFi; its WiFi network prototype, in its own backyard of Mountain View.
* Google Music Trends

Google Trends for music, though based on the activity of Google Talkers rather than Google searchers. You can currently filter by music genre.
* Google Talk Gets New Features

New features include; voicemail, music status, and photo & file sharing.

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