Catchup – 8/12/06

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* Google Paying News Sites for Google News Syndication

Google and Yahoo have been quietly agreeing to deals that compensate some of the country’s top news organizations for their content and help drive more traffic to their Web sites and that a major shift might be ahead in the relationship between old media and new Internet gatekeepers.
* Google Toolbar Bundled With RealPlayer

Developers of three popular software applications – RealPlayer, Firefox, and Google’s Toolbar – have reached a multi-year agreement to distribute certain applications to users. When users download RealNetworks’ RealPlayer media software, they will be given the option to also install Firefox and the Google Toolbar, the companies said today.
* Google Reaches 60% Market Share

Hitwise data shows that Google has broke the 60% market share as of 7/29/06. Google has 60.2% search volume market share up from 59.3% in June, Yahoo has 22.5% share up from 22.0% and MSN has 11.8% share down from 12.1%.
* Google Sitemaps Becomes Google Webmaster Central

Google Sitemaps has gained a new name along with new features. Google Webmaster Central is the new name of the former Google Sitemaps service, which now has evolved into a central place for Google to provide help information, statistics, reports and tools to help webmasters.
* New Yahoo Search Marketing Preview

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal got the scoop on the new Yahoo Search Marketing application. He goes indepth to review both the platform and dashboard. Screen shots are included.
* Build Your Own Yahoo Search Engine

With Yahoo! Search Builder you can create a custom Web search engine by selecting a set of trusted sites to search across or you can tune the search algorithm to the topic of your choice. Beyond Web search, Search Builder includes Site search and News search
* Google Video Bumps Froogle

Google has replaced the Froogle link on it’s homepage with a link to Google Video.
* Google Syndicating Viacom MTV Video With Google Ads

Google will syndicate and distribute Viacom-produced content (MTV music videos and various shows) to third party sites across its network. The content will be ad-supported
* Custom Map Icons in Local Business Ads

The Google Blog announced a new feature for Google Local business ads. The pinpoints found in Google Local/Maps, you can customize that pinpoint with a favicon like image.
* Launches Massive News Search Engine has unveiled their news search technology platform which searches news stories and news trends over a one year archived index.’s News Search indexes 50,000 main stream news sources along with hand picked and human reviewed blogs – covering small town news around the states in a way other news aggregator and search systems cannot.
* Google Pays AOL $400M In Ad Deal

Google, owner of the world’s most-used Internet search engine, will give AOL as much as $400 million over five years under an Internet advertising agreement. Google will make as much as $100 million in co-marketing payments and give AOL up to $300 million in advertising credits over the life of the agreement.
* Yahoo Releases Updates To Site Explorer

Yahoo announced a new upgrade to the Site Explorer tool they initially launched last year.
* Google & MySpace In $900 Million Deal On Search & Contextual Ads

Google and MySpace have reached a deal for Google to provide search and contextual ads to MySpace, in return for giving MySpace (well, the entire Fox Interactive Media network) $900 million in guaranteed payments through 2010.

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