Catchup – 7/7/06

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* Advertisers Lost $800 Million Last Year to Click Fraud

Internet advertisers paid $800 million for bogus clicks on their marketing messages last year, shaking confidence in the industry and prompting many to reduce spending with Google, Yahoo and other Web sites. Advertisers say that 14.6 percent of all clicks are bogus.
* eBay Bans Sellers from Using Google Checkout

eBay is banning sellers from requesting payment through Google Checkout. The online auction giant updated its Safe Payments policy this week to add Google’s new payment service, Google Checkout to its list of online payment methods not permitted on eBay.
* “Google” is a Verb

It’s official: Google really is a verb now. The Oxford English Dictionary, which bills itself as “The definitive record of the English language,” added the company name as a verb in the latest round of updates, placing Google in such august company as FedEx, TiVo, and Xerox.
* Adds Nofollow to Links has added the nofollow attribute, a way of telling search engines not to count certain links, on some directory listings. The only links that don’t get the nofollow attribute are those that pay for the listing.

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