Catchup – 7/28/2006

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* Google Maps on Your Mobile Phone

Google Maps has rolled out a new mobile version offering real-time traffic information in 30 US cities. The service also offers directions designed for those who are walking, in addition to driving.
* Yahoo Invests In Social Search Research

Yahoo hired Raghu Ramakrishnan, 45, as vice president and Yahoo research fellow in charge of defining the strategy behind Yahoo’s “social search” system, based on his expertise in databases, data-mining and privacy-preserving technologies.
* Symantec, Yahoo Team Up On Security

Symantec and Yahoo plan to announce on Tuesday a partnership designed to improve online security for consumers. The arrangement between the two companies will improve online security.
* Verizon Buys Search Engine Marketing Firm Inceptor

SuperPages, which is itself up for sale, has acquired SEM firm Inceptor for an undisclosed amount.
* Yahoo Launches Visual Link Map Tool Named Webzari

The Yahoo Search Blog announced a new tool developed by the Yahoo Korea team named Webzari. Webzari is a tool that visually maps the data from Yahoo Site Explorer. It takes a site’s inlinks, and maps them in planets on a map.

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