Catchup – 6/23/06

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* Google Bans Spam Site With 5 Billion Pages

Last week there was spam site that managed to get over 5 billion pages indexed and ranked on Google within a matter of weeks. Shorty after someone outed the site Google yanked all the pages from their index. Kudos to Google for taking quick action, a big smack upside the head for letting this happen in the first place.
* Craigslist Adds 100 Cities

Craigslist added a 72 US cities and 28 International cities to the site. They now have over 300 cities on the site.
* Google Partners With Adobe for Toolbar

Adobe will now distribute the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer as part of the Adobe Macromedia Shockwave Player download.
* Digg 3.0 To Launch on Monday

On Monday Digg will release the highly anticipated version 3.0. In addition to a complete redesign they will be rolling a number of new features. The biggest news is that they’re adding 5 new categories with topics such as entertainment and world news.
* Google to Launch Affiliate Network

Google is testing an affiliate network that will be similar to LinkShare and Commission Junction. In addition to Google’s tradtional cost per click advertising they will now be offering a cost per action system. This is big news for advertisers.

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