Catchup – 10/6/06

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* Google Buys Birthplace Garage

Google has purchased the garage where the company developed after its initial birth at Stanford University. Actually, they’ve purchased the home of Google vice president of product management Susan Wojcicki. Before she became a Google VP, Wojcicki rented the garage attached to her home to Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
* Google’s SearchMash

Searchmash which appears to be a test interface for Google search results providing text SERPS in the left and matching images on the right. Each search result offers a dropdown menu of options that are normally presented as text links plus options for how you want the link to open.
* LiveDeal & SimplyHired Partner for Job Listings, the popular free local online classifieds site, as formed a relationship with MySpace partner SimplyHired, the search engine for jobs, to list all five million job listings on on the LiveDeal site. Employers and job seekers will also be able to post listings independently on
* Yahoo! Rolls Out PPC Ads in Mobile Search Results

Yahoo is launching (in beta) paid-search ads in mobile in the U.S. and expanding its test program in the U.K. Only a “select group of advertisers” are initially included (it’s not clear what the criteria are). But the number of advertisers will expand over time as the program rolls out.
* Google Code Search is Live

Google Code Search is now live, a new service from Google designed to allow computer programmers and others seek out computer code from across the web.
* Google Blog Search Adds Ping Support

The Google Blog announced that Google Blog Search now supports the acceptance of pings. So when you add a new blog entry and you support RSS/XML/Atom you can send Google Blog Search a ping at their Blog Search Pinging Service.
* Delicious Becoming a Social Network founder Joshua Schachter, who is now with Yahoo after the popular social bookmarking service was acquired last December, says it will essentially turn into a social network, with more focus on people instead of data.
* Online Gambling Affiliate Programs Ending in US

Last weekend the US Congress passed a bill which will outlaw Internet gambling in the United States. The new law will ensure that gamblers who try to enter online gambling sites from American IP addresses will be blocked and that the online gambling companies can no longer accept bets placed via credit cards with billing addresses in the United States.

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