Calacanis – SEO’s Next Evangelist?

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I’ve been getting quite a few emails asking about the [Jason Calacanis challenge]( so I thought I would update you guys on it today.
We had 6 (not 7) full days of analytical tracking before the first SEO changes were set in place. received 6149 search engine hits between February 21st and February 26th.

Currently SEO changes are still being made and around 10% of them have been made so far which has resulted in 7,449 search engine visitors between March 14th and March 19th. This proves that there was a 21.14% increase in search traffic.

There are still a lot of changes that need to be made and I am going to continuing working on optimizing [Jason’s blog]( When everything is done I estimate a 50% or so increase in search traffic.
On a final note I would like to thank the [Weblogsinc team]( (Alexander Rudloff, Brian Alvey, and Gavin) for implementing changes to on their spare time.

Neil Patel
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