Business Communication Pointers for Ice Age Businesses

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Just in case you happened by, or you just climbed out of an ice cave in the far frozen North or South, business cannot get along without tech. If you are doing business on or offline, you have to have a business communications aspect capable of maximizing all your efforts.

While this would seem to be a “no brainer” in the digital age, there are many companies still using archaic communications tools. Surprisingly, while many so called “brick and mortar” companies make the move online each day, many cling to ineffective and often expensive technologies. The infographic below Created by MegaPath VoIP Service Providers does as nice job of pointing out some basic “do” and “don’ts” businesses large and small should adhere to.
Infographic here

Created by MegaPath VoIP Service Providers

As you can see, an array of new tools and choices are available for SME’s or Corporations to take advantage of. Why waste money and effectiveness using tools that are outdated? This is the logical question that any business owner should be asking. But, if there’s something sentimental about clinging to land lines, on site data backup, forcing your on the move staff to duck into a phone booth – just keep headed in your own direction. The rest of the civilized world is probably talking over your head anyway.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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