Building Links for Your Blog through Blog Carnival

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While blogs are a great way to leverage your brand, it is also a great tool when it comes to networking. Other than interacting with your audience and content link building, there are other great ways that you can build links with your blog.

What is a Blog Carnival?

As Search Engine Journal’s Ann Smarty puts it, a blog carnival “is a regular topical event connecting multiple blogging based on a chosen theme.” This is an event wherein it includes a number of participants that gets credit most of the time in the form of links and new niche connections.

The Organizer

Of course, a blog carnival cannot take place if no one has the intentions of organizing it. This is usually done by established bloggers on a particular niche. By organizing such event, this could help your blog gain awareness.

Blog Host

This is someone who publishes the collection of links or posts that were chosen to take part in the blog carnival. It is done on the host’s own blog, providing inbound links to participants. In turn, those who were thankful in joining the event could also generate inbound links to the blog host.


These are basically blog owners who write posts related on the blog carnival theme and then submit it for inclusion. Once a particular content is published on the blog host, it will gain inbound links from the site.

Other Benefits of Blog Carnival

Other than generating links, Blog Carnivals is also good when you are looking for something that is worth reading. Such events highlight great posts that are relevant to the chosen theme, which can help improve your own blog in one way or another.

Moreover, this could help you connect with other bloggers in your niche. From there, you can build and establish relationship with them, which could lead to guest posting opportunities. Those who have been blogging for years now know that guest blogging could help them widen their audience reach and generate more links.

However, you have to make sure that you are joining a blog carnival that is well-organized and not something that looks like a link dump. Otherwise, it won’t help your content that much.


To sum it up, blogs are not just an online journal or a way to promote your brand. It can also generate links that are helpful for your search engine optimization efforts. All you need to do is know the proper way on how it could also turn into a powerful link building tool.

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