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You may recall our very extensive walkthrough and review of the Netscape Navigator 9.0 social browser. Today we look at a social browsing project of a different sort, and this time directly integrated into Firefox.
The extension, once installed and activated, helps social media users quickly build powerful accounts and helps content developers efficiently keep track of how their content is doing on the various socially driven sites.
The idea behind the extension isn’t entirely new and to an extent has been implemented by one of my co-workers at Netscape, Derek Van Vliet. Derek started it off with just pulling in data from Digg but the team at 97th floor has gone ahead and added Reddit, StumbleUpon, and to the mix too.
The tool builds on the idea that in order to have a strong account on socially driven sites, you have to be the first one to cross-post a story that has become popular on one of the sites. For example, the moment a story hits the front page of Digg, if it hasn’t already been submitted to the other sites, chances are it’s worth a shot to try and submit it. With this tool you can quickly see if the post has already been submitted and save yourself the hassle.
The team is already building more features into the toolbar, like social media monitoring, but this is a good start. Check it out and start building your social news accounts today.

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