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Personal branding is something I get a lot of questions about. People often ask me what they should do in order to get an established name out there and be seen as a major influencer in their industry. The reason they want this is because the second you accomplish this, the opportunities will come your way and you’d be amazed at the kind of business or money that just lands in your lap.
Because of all these questions I keep getting, I decided to launch a new blog called [QuickSprout]( which will teach you how to become that influencer and become a major rock star in your industry. If you think about it, many of the successful people out there aren’t just good at what they do (if at all) but have done something that gets them in the limelight and they are perceived as rock stars regardless.
If you want to learn how to make something out of your name brand and get the opportunities falling into your lap, subscribe to the [QuickSprout RSS feed](

Neil Patel
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