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Every year car manufacturers release their new models for the upcoming year. They use many different forms of advertising to notify the public of these upcoming models. You may see the cars in a magazine, on TV, hear about them on the radio or even see billboards advertising them. Most car manufacturers take the route of advertising through mediums that they have used for years, but BMW is one of the car manufacturers that has been using the web to create a buzz on their cars.
A couple of years ago BMW hired director, John Woo, and a few actors including Clive Owen, Madonna, James Brown and others to help create a series of short films called The Hire. Each film featured a specific BMW vehicle that was driven at high speeds to show the viewers what it is like to drive “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. These videos got popular and have kept spreading even after BMW removed them from their website on October 21, 2005. The films have spread virally through people adding them to websites such as YouTube, digg, and This is a unique viral effect that has occurred to the point that these films are still watched and talked about today, long after BMW removed them from their own website.
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