Blogger's Big Bug-Out

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There’s something safe about a blog. It’s your private space on the web, where you can speak your mind freely, and rest assured that your voice will be heard, even remaining on the web permanently – for better or worse. Perhaps that’s why users of Blogger were so disturbed, infuriated, and/or frightened when Blogger crashed into oblivion on May 11th.

“Crashed into oblivion,” in this case, means a wide variety of problematic responses from Blogger. The most common and perhaps least worrisome impact of the Blogger issues was the prevention of publication, which lasted over 20 hours. But beyond not being able to create new posts, some users saw posts vanishing, comments being (seemingly) deleted, errors on page load, difficulties logging in, complete outages of the blog, being redirected to the incorrect blog, and much more.

Blogger responded fairly quickly, restoring the ability to publish posts on May 13th. However, to do so the company had to roll back to a May 11th version of blogs, meaning that posts or changes made in the intermediary were not restored. That’s because Blogger’s issues happened during their May 11th standard scheduled maintenance on the 11th. “We experienced some data corruption that impacted Blogger’s behavior,” explains Eddie Kessler, Tech Lead of Blogger. “Since then, bloggers and readers may have experienced a variety of anomalies [sic].”

The Blogger staff quickly worked to restore changes, posts, and comments made on May 12th and 13th, and by the evening of May 13th almost all posts were completely restored. In any case, it was a big scare for bloggers. Meanwhile, the best promise Blogger’s staff has given is that “we’ll do our best to prevent this from happening again.”

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