Bing Re-launches Search Engine with Social Sidebar

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Last Thursday, Bing announced its new search engine that puts the spotlight on social search. Although social search on Microsoft’s search engine is nothing new, they off-loaded the social elements on a new sidebar area. With the “new Bing,” users will see three columns, each featuring a search element that can help them get things done fast.

Core Web Results

With core algorithmic relevance remains as the foundation of modern search, Bing aims to deliver results that users expected. Instead of search results cluttered with social updates, they are providing core web results that help users to focus on important links that they need.


Found at the center of Bing search result page, Snapshot brings search-related information and services such as maps, restaurant reservations and reviews. The snapshots that will appear on the search result will depend on Bing’s pre-determined intent of users in conducting the search. In turn, this will enable users to immediately take certain actions to make things done quickly.

Social Sidebar

According to Bing’s research, about 90 percent of users ask their friends for help in terms of decision making. Whether it is purchasing an item, looking for a great restaurant or searching for a nice movie to watch this weekend, the new Bing focuses on bringing friends, experts and enthusiasts into a user’s search experience through a dedicated social sidebar. The feature basically allows people to share, discover and interact with friends like they do in real life.

Users can check out Bing’s short video explaining the search engine’s new features to learn more.

What Lies Ahead for the New Bing?

The new Bing will be available to all users in the United States, and it will take a couple of weeks before it goes live for everyone. The new Microsoft search engine will also be available on mobile devices in the coming weeks. As of the moment, the company is optimizing the layout and placement of the social results for smaller screen sizes.

They have also implemented technologies that deliver relevant results while protecting a user’s data and privacy. If a user is signed in to Facebook, Bing will only show content that can be viewed by friends.

For those who want to be the first to know if the new Bing is available, check out and sign up at their coming soon page to learn more.

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