Best MySpace Plug Ever!

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Howard Stern is the self-proclaimed “King of all Media.” His radio show reaches tens of millions of people, and has a very strong presence on Comcast’s OnDemand. With this kind on influence, his fitting, yet egotistical tagline makes a lot of sense. Never has it been more true than a few days ago, in his interview with [Heidi Cortez](
She is a VERY beautiful woman who writes sex books and CDs. “Sex Sells” right? In her business that saying takes on a very literal meaning; but unfortunately, her sex books aren’t what we’re interested in. This is a very steamy interview; including readings from her latest sex book. As Howard asks questions about her sex life, she drops the [MySpace bomb](

Heidi reported she met her last boyfriend through MySpace, and that they had sex after three months of “hanging out.”

How many people signed up for MySpace just because of that? I already have an account, but signed up again just for good measure.
Having recently graduated from college, I saw first hand how this went down on Facebook. My friends would search Facebook for girls…constantly. They had their “hook up” game plan down to a science, with contingency plans and all. Pretty lame you say? I agree, but “Sex Sells,” and it’s an undeniably powerful marketing tool.
It would be naive to think that social networks don’t realize this. I could see an up and coming social network paying hot women to become early adopters. From a user perspective, it’s a huge draw to see attractive members of the opposite sex (or the same sex?) in an online community. Then the question becomes, how can you use these primal urges to make your marketing campaign stronger and more effective?

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