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Ideas are a dime a dozen. Lets face it, no matter how great and
innovative you think your idea is there are lots of other people
thinking about and probably working on the same thing. Guy Kawasaki has a great rule of thumb for this…

If no one else is doing this it’s because there is no
market for it… As a rule of thumb, if you have a good idea, five
companies are going the same thing. If you have a great idea, fifteen
companies are doing the same thing.

You have to realize that no space will be left to only one player.
Because of this you need to figure out an edge that will set your
company apart and give you the upper-hand. This is especially true for a new company trying to play in an already established market, there is simply no other option.
So how does this apply to online marketing? Well, the same is true for
marketing – if you want success you need to step outside the box and do something different to set yourself apart. Just about everybody is using the same old advertising channels and if you follow suit your chances of success will be slim to none.
Being different gives you a great chance of getting noticed, when that
happens you can ride the waves and create your success. The world is
literally changing right before our eyes and the ones who are innovative are the ones becoming successful.
We’re all tired of the same old thing, so do something different, get me to notice your company, only then will I try your products. Otherwise, I have no reason if you’re just like everyone else.

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

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