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As more people become aware of [MySpace](, it’s becoming less of a place for teens and has been developing more of a grown-up atmosphere. In an attempt to capitalize on the mass number of users, a lot of companies are dipping their toes into the MySpace waters, but the results aren’t always good. It’s a tough place to sell a product or a service and although companies in niche industries have had some success, it’s not always easy for a company to find the right tone when it comes to creating and promoting their profile.
One company that made an excellent use of MySpace for corporate promotion is [Aquafina]( They’ve combined some necessary elements to make their idea work:
* First and foremost, they are active in the community, and not just pouring their water down people’s throats.
* Second, they’ve created a profile that’s actually useful, by providing entertainment and a way to reach out to the huge independent film community.

By using their profile to promote their own little independent film community within MySpace, they’ve gained instant credibility with a jaded audience. This is not the easiest thing to do and Aquafina definitely does it with an interesting approach. They’ve used their profile to link to their daily podcasts and film festival updates on their own site, ensuring that they’ll keep people coming back for more. With this approach they’ve managed to add over 15,000 friends while promoting their product.
There is a lot that can be learned from Aquafina, before you try to jump in headfirst by creating a profile for your company take some time and figure out the approach you’d like to take. Browse through other company profiles to see how they’re doing it, this will help you avoid some problems that could sink your endeavor.
Once you’ve got your profile up, focus more on your brand than your products or services. Become someone that can be trusted, while subtly displaying your logo or even briefly mentioning products; and most importantly create a profile that is useful and makes people want to return and keep connected with you. It is possible to use MySpace to successfully [market your products](, but you’ll have to do your homework and put in some effort to avoid common commercial pitfalls.

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