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High search engine rankings is something that many of us dream about and very few of us achieve. To obtain these rankings, in many cases you have to manipulate search results, but what if you could rank high naturally?
[Guy Kawasaki]( brought to my attention that [Alltop]( ranks high on Google for the following terms:
moms: 1 of 105,000,000
twitterati: 1
oddities: 2
egos: 4
lifehacks: 5
celebrities: 6
dads: 7
venture capital: 7
teen news: 10
humor: 11
career: 11
fashion: 13
mac news: 13
design: 14
journalism: 15
startups: 15
green: 16 of 1,120,000,000
gaming: 16
personal finance: 17
gadgets: 22
photography: 25
small business: 25
world news: 28
seo: 28
politics: 29
autos: 29
food: 31
Guy didn’t plan on ranking organically for any of these terms or never optimized his site for search engines, but here is how he did it:
1. Quality content – he tried to add quality blogs into Alltop. By trying to keep his website filled with good information and content, it would ensure that people would come back.
2. Creating buzz – when Alltop first came out, hundreds if not thousands of bloggers started talking about it. This helped Alltop build its’ link popularity at a rapid pace (naturally). Plus, do to the buzz many bloggers wanted into Alltop and once they got in they also blogged about getting in.
3. Creativity – everyone at Alltop was looking for more ways to drive traffic to the site. For this reason they created Alltop badges, which helped drive traffic and indirectly it also helped with link popularity.
4. Structure – the subdomain structure used on the website is also helping with rankings. When they initially launched the site, they used a subdomain structure thinking it would be useful for users, but it also helped them with their rankings.
5. Branding – when Guy Kawasaki makes a speech, he usually mentions Alltop. This has helped brand the website and build more visibility to it.
Overall it seems that the Alltop crew has done a good job at ranking high for some competitive terms naturally. So the next time you want to rank high on the SERPs, be creative and maybe you will rank high like Alltop.

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