Adding a Photography Section on Digg

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that Digg is in dire need of a photography category on the site.
Many photography related submissions are added to the site daily, and a good number of these end up making it to the Digg home page. Because of the lack of a formal category, contributors are forced to categorize such submissions as either Design, or Offbeat News, or something else equally irrelevant and consequently clogging up those categories.
A recent submission asking for a pictures section to be added to the site received almost 7,000 Diggs, making it the 5th most popular submission this month and showing that this is not just a matter that concerns a minority. The submission simply stated,

Lately there have been a good deal of stories reaching the front page that are nothing but pictures (usually ones sported as funny and/or witty). How many other people think pictures deserve their own section, as not to clog up the topics for news articles. Digg this story if you agree.

It’s about time the developers listened to the community, especially since adding one more category is not a monumental upgrade in any regard. And since the request has been made numerous times prior to this (1, 2, 3, 4). There have also been similar posts asking for a books section (with 1800+ Diggs) as well as a rumors section (with 900+ Diggs)
The fact that people have to use Digg to voice such concerns and link to sites that have nothing to do with the concern being addressed by the post also shows that Digg either needs to add a forum or allow self-referential posts like Reddit.

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