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A few weeks ago the media was reporting that the bane of our internet browsing experience, the pop-up advertisements were set to make a comeback, on cell phones. I had a chance to have a conversation with one of the companies that was inaccurately mentioned as sponsors of mobile pop-up ads – Acuity Mobile.
After reading my article on the ineffectiveness of a pop-ups based mobile advertising platform, the team from Acuity contacted me to show me what they were actually doing, and by the end of our conversation I realized how wrong the reports about their platform were. In fact, after taking a tour of their application, I think this is the direction that mobile advertising needs to go in (i.e. this could actually be something that I would use).
Shown here is a sample program that Acuity would have you install on your phone through which they will push content to you. And the content they send you (the advertisements) are opt-in, so you can choose what kind of content to receive and how often. What was great about the example that I saw was that once you have their software installed they can send you highly targeted ads that are immediately actionable. This means that you can alert them, for example, when you leave your resort to go looking for someplace to have dinner, and by using geo-sense (targeted down to the street level) they can send you offers and discount coupons for restaurants in the area.
These ‘offers’ appear on your phone as follows:
The product is great for consumers because they get relevant (both contextually and geographically) ads that are immediately actionable, and its great for marketers (i.e. the restaurant above) because you can choose your audience down to the street level and time your ad down to the minute of the day. The platform is great because it acts more like a deal-hunting software than spyware that just wants to bombard you with ads.

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