A Tour of Streamy – If Looks Could Kill (Digg)

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Late last night I finally got an invite to Streamy, a social content aggregating site that is the forerunner in the race to replace Digg. While I am still getting the hang of it, here’s a quick tour of the site. And might I say, Streamy gets all my points when it comes to design.
These 14 screenshots take you from getting an invitation and registering a profile to a brief overview of the various aspects of the site.

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

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  • http://www.cornwallseo.com/search/ Lyndoman

    Cool, another Digg killer. Digg has been killed so many times it has a season ticket to the graveyard.
    Digg will not die, but it will mutate, possibly into a beast we may not like.

  • http://www.thedisneyblog.com John

    Looks good, a combination of a bunch of sites (spotplex, digg, and others) that will make it much easier to run my site. I’d appreciate an invite if you ever get any to send out.

  • http://www.sushantshankar.com Sushant

    Wow that looks really good. But, I don’t think it’s a ‘Digg-killer’ as Lyndoman said – this is more of an aggregator of different feeds and sites, than a user-news-creation site like Digg.
    I’d also appreciate an invite if you could send any out.

  • http://www.thejasonmurphyshow.com jasonm

    Nice grabs Muhammad! I’m still waiting on my invite. Did you get any extras?
    @Lyndoman – I wouldn’t classify this as a digg killer. More of a digg alternate or extension. Since it also aggregates digg headlines, and would probably be better classified as a news headline service such as Netvibes or popurls. But the interactive and sharing features make it closer to something like what goowy offers. Either way, it extends what digg can’t/won’t do.

    • http://www.google.com/ Datherine

      The genius store caleld, they’re running out of you.

  • http://www.mattjmcd.com Matt J McDonald

    Digg killer, iPod killer, Tivo killer, etc. There’s always someone out there headhunting the market leader. Instead of focusing on knocking off the big guns, why don’t they really work at something that creates value for people that will create it’s own niche.

  • http://copybrighter.com/blog/ Brett Borders

    invite please! Muchos gracias

  • http://www.ericodom.blogspot.com Eric Odom

    Man, my invite could NOT come soon enough!
    I’m getting hundreds of visits from Streamy and I have no idea what content is bringing them.
    Would love to get in there and check it out.
    Plus, I stopped using Digg a month or two ago and need a new social news fix.