8 Tips for Better YouTube Video Rankings

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Creating a video is only half of the equation when you are trying to share something with the internet. When you decide that you want to upload a video to a website such as YouTube, there is more to the process than simply uploading your creation, at least if you want to generate better video rankings so that your creation will go viral.

Video Search Engine Optimization, or VSEO, techniques will help your videos get the recognition that they deserve.

Make Your Videos Easy to Find

Tip #1: Your videos should each have a relevant title. When you optimize the title for your video, better rankings are just around the corner. Your video title should be unique and relevant, and should contain your primary keyword. Make sure “video” is also contained within the title, since it is commonly searched for in Google and other search engines.

Tip #2: Create a description of your video that is relevant, unique, and accurately capable of describing the video. Your description should also be largely keyword-driven without being keyword-stuffed. This is the best way to generate a better YouTube ranking as well as higher click-through-rates.

Tip #3: Utilize the keyword tags using relevant keywords without stuffing keywords unnecessarily. Your keywords should tell your potential viewers what the video is about. Keywords can play an important role in summing up the concept of your video so that other users can find and watch it.

Get Your Video Linked

Tip #4: Utilize the thumbnail option, which will play a very large role in getting visitors to view your profile. Your thumbnail should absolutely be relevant to the purpose of your video. Choosing the wrong thumbnail can hamper your ability to attract viewers.

Tip #5: Getting quality back links that go to your video will help significantly in raising your ranking. Make sure that good quality, relevant websites are linking to your video to up your exposure rate as a result.

Tip #6: Utilize social media websites to bring in additional traffic for your video, including sites like Facebook, Digg and Reddit. Obtaining traffic from these social media sites will improve your YouTube video ranking significantly, largely through word of mouth.

Encourage User Participation, Feedback, and Subscribers

Tip #7: Encourage viewers of your video to review and comment on the video. The more exposure that your video gets, the higher its YouTube ranking is likely to be as a result.

Tip #8:Increase the number of people subscribing to your video. More subscribers means a higher chance that your video will be viewed, which is going to improve your visibility in search engines and your ranking on YouTube as well.

A couple of steps toward making your videos easier to find will go a long way in getting your YouTube videos better rankings. Since YouTube is one of the biggest sites for online video sharing, you really do need to make a good impression when uploading your video creations to the web.

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