8 Insurance Reps that Get Twitter Customer Service

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8 Insurance Reps that Get Twitter Customer Service

Kate Snow is the social media blogger for Car Insurance Calculator, the free car insurance estimate tool.

No matter your industry, offering some form of communication with clients and colleagues via Twitter is practically mandatory given its ease of use as a question and answer platform and wide use by the public. For insurance representatives, this rings particularly true; insurance coverage can be tricky and people always have a few questions before deciding which policy will best suit them.

In the spirit of showcasing the positive effects of client support and management via Twitter in the insurance industry, here are eight insurance reps that just get Twitter customer service:

1. @AllState

AllState Insurance

Whether they’re offering support, answering pre-sales questions or simply welcoming new policy holders into the fold, AllState Insurance shines among firms using Twitter. Besides offering general product info, the account managers spend a great deal of time responding to direct questions, giving visitors to their Twitter page the idea that they’ll always have a near-instant means of communicating with their rep and building the confidence that leads to sales.

2. @Insurewithaaa

AAA Insurance

For automobile insurance and assistance, everyone in the United States knows that AAA is an excellent group to turn to. They take their positive reputation even further with their Twitter page, taking the time to connect with people on a personal level by offsetting customer relations efforts and service promotions with personal messages and motivational offerings. When connecting with customers directly and personally is a necessity in the never-ending march towards conversions, AAA Insurance’s Twitter example is an excellent one to follow.

3. Rey Insurance Agency

Rey Insurance Agency

Linda Rey, agent for Rey Insurance Agency in New York, understands the need to offset a constant stream of insurance related information and answers with Tweets that fall into a lighter category, making her seem a friendly, approachable person and insurance agent at only a glance.

4. @ChubbInsurance Group

Chubb Insurance Group

Focusing their Twitter efforts on providing customers with compelling content meant to lead them towards smart insurance choices while building confidence in their group of companies, the Chubb Insurance Group excels in creating articles that achieve both with a single reading and use Twitter to spread that content quickly and easily.

5. @Geico


Massive auto insurance firm Geico understands the importance of customer relations and their Twitter feed reflects this, revealing a slew of pro-active messages aimed at people living in the area of recent storms and other potentially car-damaging events. With every message designed to be friendly and inviting, Geico customers are instantly given the impression of a friendly team that cares about not only what has happened, but what could have happened.

6. @StateFarm

StateFarm Insurance

Promising news and assistance direct from their company headquarters, the Twitter feed of insurance giant StateFarm does an excellent job of connecting with people on both a professional and personal level, building brand confidence and trust.

7. @Esurance


Combining links to compelling content alongside one-on-one interaction with customers both existing and potential, Esurance works to build trust in their brand via a show of their deep expertise while still offering a platform for first contact to their clients.

8. @Progressive

Progressive Insurance

Providing their customers with a personal experience, the Twitter page of American auto insurance firm Progressive features photos of each member of its Twitter team, giving visitors a first-hand look at the people answering their questions and offering greetings in the feed below; a custom two character signature used by each member of the team allows anyone to instantly put a face to their conversation.

This personalization is sure to go a long way towards making people more comfortable with contacting the team via Twitter, leading to more leads and more sales than more austere competitors.

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