5 Reasons To Attend Think Tank 2008

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From September 26 to the 28th, a new conference called [Think Tank](http://www.purposeinc.com/pwp/thinktank-2008/) is taking place. If you haven’t [signed up](http://www.purposeinc.com/pwp/sign-up/) yet, I highly recommend doing so for the following reasons:
1. It’s not a normal conference – Unlike most conferences, the Think Tank is totally different. It is a full 3 days of fun that take place outdoors in sunny San Diego. Now isn’t that much better than being cooped up in a room for 8 hours a day?
2. There are no speakers – This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to learn anything, you will probably learn more at the Think Tank than most conferences. The best information is usually passed along through networking at bars or at a dinner table. At the Think Tank you will have tons of networking opportunities.
3. Fun in the sun – There are going to be tons of games at the conference that will cause attendees to get to know each other, as well as have fun. I don’t know all of the activities that are going to take place, but some may be the [SureHits Fight Club](http://www.purposeinc.com/pwp/2008/07/30/surehits-fight-club-at-think-tank/), hiking, and beach volleyball.
4. Hot chicks and alcohol – There will be tons of half naked chicks on the beach as well as free alcohol during the conference.
5. DK is throwing the conference – many of you don’t know [David Klein](http://www.purposeinc.com/pwp/about/), but he is one my favorite people in the whole world. He is a [chiropractor](http://www.bodyabcs.com/) that is based out of San Diego and as a profession he helps people with health problems become healthier. He has helped many of my friends with their back problems as well as my parents. He also has tons of great qualities outside of medicine such as being a great networker, entrepreneur, event planer, etc…
Now get off your butt, and go [sign up](http://www.purposeinc.com/pwp/sign-up/)!

Neil Patel
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