5 Things You Don't Know About Neil Patel

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[Andy Beal](http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/2006/12/blog-tag-5-things-about-andy-beal.html) recently tagged me to share 5 things that most people don’t know about me. So here goes…
1. I got my first job at the age of 15 1/2 which was picking up trash, cleaning restrooms and taking care of vomit at [Knotts Berry Farm](http://www.knotts.com/). After a few jobs later (selling $1800 [Kirby vacuums](http://www.kirby.com/) door to door, stocking items at [Party City](http://www.partycity.com/) and renting videos at [Hollywood Video](http://www.hollywoodvideo.com)) I decided to make sure I never have to work for someone else again.
2. When I was a little kid I got in trouble for impersonating AOL members. To this day, my address and a few others that I used to use are permanently flagged and not allowed to be AOL members.
3. I first learned I was an entrepreneur when I started to sell burned movies and CDs to people for 2 to 5 dollars each during my freshman year in high school. After that I started to sell black boxes and hacked satellite TV cards.
4. At the moment I work full time and go to college full time. I am 21 and currently a senior at [Cal State Fullerton](http://www.fullerton.edu), majoring in marketing. Some think that all this is too much but I think it is great because this way, you can have your employees do your school essays and projects for you.
5. I first got into the SEO industry when I was in high school because I started a job board to compete with [monster.com](http://www.monster.com). I saved up 5,000 dollars from selling all those black boxes to pay for the website, but then found out that I had no money left for advertising. I then had to learn how to do it myself.
Hopefully this gives you some insight about me and how I became an Internet Marketer. I’m tagging [Andy Hagans](http://www.tropicalseo.com), [Paul Stamatiou](http://www.paulstamatiou.com), [Brian Clark](http://www.copyblogger.com), [Loren Baker](https://www.searchenginejournal.com), and [David Naylor](http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/) (not sure if he has been tagged…).
**Update: Andy Hagans wanted me to add a 6th thing about [myself](http://tropicalseo.com/2006/exclusive-neil-patel-is-a-princess/)…

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