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Over the past 6 months or so, Pronet Advertising has seen healthy growth in traffic, RSS subscribers, as well as the site’s Technorati rank. In line with the site’s rising importance and as more and more people rely on the site for the latest in social media and online marketing news, reviews, and commentary, we are expanding our already great stable of writers to better serve you. Here’s a look at the first batch of 3 new recruits.
To give you some more insight into the new Pronet writers, I asked them to write a few words about themselves.
M. G. Siegler
I am currently a front-end web developer for a firm in San Diego, CA. I came out West (initially to Los Angeles) after graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where I studied film. After working in Hollywood for a couple of years I started taking classes on various Internet technologies at UCSD in La Jolla, CA where I currently reside. While still in L.A. I became very involved in using Digg and from there spread out into the other social sites of the Internet.
Aside from my day job and contributions to Pronet Advertising, I’ve also contributed to NewAssignment.net, and do some Part-Time Guide work for the new human-powered search engine Mahalo.
You can also follow my writing on my own site, ParisLemon, as well as read my haiku movie reviews at Review In Haiku.
Note: MG Siegler has been writing for Pronet Advertising for a while now, but since he was never formally announced, this gave us an opportunity to do so. Matt brings a sense of thoroughness to his work which has had a significant influence on my own writing style.
Steve Searer
I am a graduate of California Baptist University with a B.A. in both History and Philosophy, and was recently hired to teach history at a local middle school. A bunch of my free time is spent surfing the web, researching interesting topics for you to read about.
I was first motivated to write about the social internet because, when I began, there was simply no one doing it. I created insidesocialnews.blogspot.com and quickly moved to insidesocialnews.com in order to make the site more professional. I try my best to bring new information with each article I write; please let me know if I fail to do so.
For a hobby, I collect different flavors of energy drinks. I also love traveling. You can read about some of my journeys on my travel blog.
Note: I have personally worked with Steve before and am thankful that he agreed to join the Pronet team (after much pleading). He is full of great ideas for the site which you will see in the coming weeks and months.
Chris Hemphill
Currently I am a husband, father, student, and employee. The most important things in my life are my wife and son, and then my passions turn to social media. I spend any free time I can get on social media sites (Digg and Netscape.) At one time I was a top 25 active user on Digg, and currently I’m in the top 50 as I do not participate in the site as much as I used to.
I’m also a recent Mac convert, but I wouldn’t consider myself an Apple fan boy. Running parallels, plus giving me access to my Unix applications through Mac ports makes it a great system for me.
Pronet is the first site I have written for besides myself, and so far it has been a great experience. Please feel free to visit my personal site Tech Spews, and drop me a line I’m also up for a good conversation.
Note: The content Chris has produced for us is already getting a lot of attention and is getting great reviews. I am excited to see what the future holds.
For The Rest
First of all, thank you all for getting in touch with me. For those that didn’t make the cut this time, don’t worry. As Pronet continues to grow and evolve, more spots will continue to open and you will not have to re-apply. I have saved all the emails I got (and I got a lot!) and our correspondences for future reference.

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